Hi! I'm Victor. I'm the co-founder and CEO of DemoSquare, an online platform for automating the monitoring and the analysis of legal and political data with machine learning.

Prior to that, I obtained my Ph.D. in machine learning at EPFL in the INDY Lab, co-advised by Patrick Thiran and Matthias Grossglauser.

My research was about the development of machine learning algorithms and statistical models to study human behavior within social systems in general, and political systems in particular. I have developed models of collaborative and competitive processes, such as peer-production, sports, voting, and law-making, which are the foundations of DemoSquare. I also built Predikon and Kickoff.ai.

I was the President of Swiss Youth for Climate. Climate change is the challenge of our generation. I believe that machine learning can enhance mitigation of climate change and help us adapt to it. To understand people's perception of their carbon footprint, I built Climpact.

Here are links to my publications, résumé, and recent activities.