Hi! I'm Victor. I'm a Ph.D. student in machine learning at EPFL in the INDY Lab, advised by Patrick Thiran and Matthias Grossglauser.

My research revolves around the development of machine learning and data mining techniques to study social systems. I have drawn from the literature on discrete choice models and latent factor models to develop interpretable models of collaborative and competitive processes, such as peer-production, sports, voting, and law-making. I believe that bringing an agnostic point of view to social sciences can help better understand human behaviour through the development of new machine learning algorithms. I built Predikon and Kickoff.ai.

For the past two years, I was the President of Swiss Youth for Climate. Climate change is the challenge of our generation. I believe that the power of machine learning can enhance mitigation of climate change and help us adapt to it. I built Climpact.

Here is a link to my Curriculum Vitæ.